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RRP £7300 – Sublime B&B Italia “Lens” Dining Table in “Lenticular” Glass and Steel




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Hello Friends, and welcome to another unmissable offering from Lord Browns Furniture, the UK’s premier resource for fine Sofas and Chairs.

On offer on this occasion is a sublime, impressive “Lens TL271”  Dining Table in Transparent Glass and Painted-Steel, manufactured by the leading Italian Interiors House, B&B Italia.

As you will no doubt be aware by your interest in this Patricia Urquiola creation, B&B Italia furniture is the epitome of contemporary European furniture design, is of peerless quality, and exhibits detailing and execution of the highest standard.

In a world of temporary pleasures, B&B Italia creates beautiful furniture that remains a joy forever.

This piece is in superb, well-maintained condition, having seen light, regular use in its previous home but, disappointingly, is not free from fault, flaw or damage. Its hugely handsome order reflects the TLC and considerate use afforded it in the past but, as you will see from the images provided, the “Lenticular Film” sandwiched between the layers of clear-glass forming the table-top, which gives the table-top its “Lens” appearance, was damaged in isolated areas during a recent relocation (it seems to me that the glass table-top insert must have flexed too-much at some point, causing the film to crack) leaving it imperfect in appearance when considering its original design and appearance. Regrettable and disappointing without question, but far from a fatal-blow to a piece of this outstanding beauty and impact.

For the avoidance of doubt, please view the numerous images provided to confirm the compromised appearance of this gem. Whilst not obvious when viewed from a distance, it becomes more-noticeable when inspected more-closely so, whilst clearly far from in perfect condition (aside from the issue with the film though, it is really very-good in all other regards, with no significant damage at all present to the glass or frame), it remains a true classic of modern furniture design presented in genuine, original condition.

Whilst it could not be considered anything other than imperfect due to the reason stated above, it is certain to meet the requirements of many (particularly those of a more-relaxed disposition when it comes to such matters) and, for someone looking for a piece of peerless design and execution to position at the heart of their home, it is truly heaven sent! Without question, this superb table possesses all the beauty and majesty you would expect from one of the finest contemporary seating manufacturers in the world but, due to its issues, is offered at a fraction of its cost when new.

Had the compromise regarding the splitting of the film not been present, is suspect this stunning piece would typically sell for £3000-£3500 so, as you will see, the value proposition is very-persuasive when considering the obvious, but arguably-modest nature of the issue.

Dimensions-wise, the measurements of the table are H-73cm, W-271cm and D-85cm and, costing in excess of £7,300 when new, it represents spectacular value for money and, despite its shortcomings, we have no doubt it will serve and delight its new owner for many years to come.

Delivery of this piece to most UK mainland addresses will cost £120, and can be organised on behalf of the winning bidder upon request using one of our hand-picked panel of specialist, fully-insured independent furniture couriers.

Should i be able to help you further, feel free to call or message me.

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