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RRP £28,000 – Peerless Pair of Asnaghi Inlaid Marquetry Demi-Lune Cabinets Commodes




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Hello Friends, and welcome to another unmissable offering from Lord Browns Furniture, the UK’s premier resource for fine Sofas and Chairs.
By choosing to view this listing, i can only assume you are familiar with the world-renown “Asnaghi” brand, and fully-understand the nature of what is on offer.
Asnaghi make pieces of furniture that are far more than just that. They create real works-of-art of intrinsic value, peerless in design and execution, and expected to become heirlooms of the future.  Made using the finest materials (such as solid Poplar and Briar woods, and gilded using real gold-leaf) and created using skills passed down through generations of craftsmen, with each piece a demonstration of their age-long experience and expertise in cabinet-making, hand-painting, marquetry, hand-carving and lacquering.
Being suppliers of fine, bespoke furniture to some of the finest villas, private-homes and hotels in the world, as well as countless governments and parliaments, Asnaghi are true-luminaries amongst Italian furniture-makers, and occupy a position at the very-top of their profession. Yes, their significant prices reflect this (including, as you will recognise, on the secondary market) but please be in no doubt of the opportunity here, which is to acquire the very-best of the very-best you can buy and, as such, should be considered more an investment-opportunity than a mere purchase.
In a world of often-temporary pleasures, Asnaghi create beautiful furniture capable of remaining a joy and a source of contentment forever, with there being no finer example of that philosophy than this.
All of the numerous Asnaghi pieces we have available currently were acquired prior to a full £20m+ renovation project of one of the finest private-homes on the St Georges Hill Estate in Weybridge, and were commissioned and purchased new directly from Asnaghi around 2012 collectively costing over £1.2m. As such, they remain in superb, original condition, with a bare minimum of marks and blemishes acquired either during use, or when being removed and stored prior to our acquiring them.
That said, on offer on this occasion is a fabulously-presented, identical pair of the most sensationally-detailed and perfectly-proportioned Demi-Lune Cabinets decorated with sublime marquetry and inlaid detail.
This pair is in superb, impeccably-maintained condition. and its near-perfect order reflects the TLC and light, infrequent, considerate use afforded it in the past. Please view the images provided to confirm its fantastic condition and appearance. A more breathtaking, impressive pair of cabinets is impossible to imagine.
In its current condition, it is sure to meet the requirements of all but the most-particular (and, if perfection is demanded, any flaws could be attended-to professionally prior to shipping upon request) and, for someone looking for a suite of peerless execution and appearance to position at the heart of their home, it is truly heaven sent! As the images will confirm, this superb suite possesses all the beauty and majesty of the finest furniture money can buy.
The measurements of each cabinet is H-94cm, W-174cm and D-52cm and, costing in excess of £28,000 when new, this duo of Demi-Lunes represents spectacular value for money when considering its condition, and we have no doubt it will serve and delight the family and friends of its new owner for many decades to come.
Delivery of this pair to most UK mainland addresses will cost £180, and can be organised on behalf of the winning bidder upon request using one of our hand-picked panel of specialist, fully-insured independent furniture couriers.
Should I be able to help you further, feel free to call or message me.
For important payment, shipping, returns, cleaning and contact information, see the relevant sections.
Warm regards,


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