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RRP £10,000 – Divine Huge Fort Street Studio “Ring” Round Circular Rug in Ivory and Red Wild Silk




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Hello Friends, and welcome to another unmissable offering from Lord Browns Furniture, the UK’s premier resource for fine Sofas and Chairs.
Not our usual-bag i will admit but, on offer on this occasion is a huge, superb, lightly-used, beautifully-presented “Ring” Red, 120 Knot, Ultra-Rare 100% Wild Silk, Custom-Order Circular-Rug from the world-renown New York floor-artists, Fort Street Studio.



As you will no doubt be aware by your interest in this masterpiece of flooring, Fort Street Studio pieces are the epitome of contemporary Rug design, are of peerless materials and quality, and exhibit detailing and execution of the finest standard.



Created to give a lifetime of pleasure, and capable of spanning the generations, so could remain a joy forever.
Its handsome, well-presented order reflects the TLC and considerate, regular use afforded it in the past and, aside from a number of light, superficial blemish and visible compression-marks (as you might expect to find on such a thing) remains as-beautiful as a rug can be.

Please view the images provided carefully to confirm its fine, original (but clearly not perfect) condition and spellbinding appearance. A rug like few others.

In its current condition, it would comfortably meet the requirements of all but the the most-demanding and particular so, for someone looking for rug of supreme quality to create maximum impact, this is truly heaven sent! This superb rug possesses all the beauty and majesty of the finest flooring money can buy.



This rug’s diameter is a whopping 362cm and, reputedly costing in excess of £10,000 when new, this piece of floor-art represents spectacular value for money, and we have no doubt it will serve and delight its new owner for many years to come.
Delivery of this piece to most UK mainland addresses will cost £50, and can be organised on behalf of the winning bidder upon request using one of our hand-picked panel of specialist, fully-insured independent furniture couriers.



Should i be able to help you further, feel free to call or message me.
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