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Divine Identical Pair of Poltrona Frau “Eos” Armchairs in Green “Pelle” Leather




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On offer on this one-in-a-blue-moon occasion is a genuinely-breathtaking, ultra-rare, pristine identical-pair of “Eos” Armchairs, all dressed in pristine, legendary “Pelle” leather, from the world renown Italian furniture house of Poltrona Frau.

As you will no doubt be aware by your interest in these Pagani and Perversi masterpieces, Poltrona Frau pieces are the epitome of contemporary European furniture design, are of peerless quality, and exhibit detailing and execution of an unrivalled standard.


In a world of temporary pleasures, Poltrona Frau create beautiful furniture that remains a joy forever, and there can be few-better pristinely-presented duo’s available than this.


Poltrona Frau Armchairs presented in this spectacular order on the pre-loved market are as rare as a winter swallow but, an identical-pair as pristine as this, dressed in this most stunning and tactile high-grade “Pelle” leather option in a striking Pale-Lime Green, are as rare as Steak Tartar!


Undeniably-beautiful and spectacularly sought-after as Poltrona Frau pieces are designed and built to last a lifetime and, whilst this “Pelle” hide is as robust and hard-wearing as rhino skin, its softness and texture is simply divine to the touch. The perfect blend of luxury and practicality.


This pair is in pristine, impeccably-maintained condition, having seen light, infrequent use in its previous home (a modest bolthole in Monte Carlo owned by a German Investment Bank which, i am told, was used on no-more than a handful of occasions in a number of years) and is almost entirely free from fault, flaw or damage. As close to perfect as is possible to conceive from a suite of this nature. Remarkably, ALL of the seat and back cushions are entirely unmarked, showing no signs of wear whatsoever. Simply staggering!


For the avoidance of doubt, please view the images provided to confirm the superb condition and appearance of this suite. Gorgeous beyond words.


It is guaranteed to meet the requirements of the most fastidious and particular of buyers (aside from one or two light (and i mean light!) blemishes to the leather, and some isolated areas of marking/oxidation to the polished chromework, this suite is as close to perfect as i have ever seen and, for someone looking for an Armchair suite of high-design, it is truly heaven sent! Without question, this superb group possesses all the beauty and majesty you would expect from the finest contemporary furniture money can buy.


Dimensions-wise, the measurements are of each armchair is H-73cm W-70cm D-73cm, and the breathtaking seating-positions these iconic architectural-designs creates is enhanced by the use of sumptuously upholstered back and seat cushioning, which leaves you powerless to resist their charms. Not only do they possess an aesthetic to die for, but they are actually really quite comfortable too!


With this pair costing in excess of £5,400 when new, it represents spectacular value for money, and we have no doubt it will serve and delight its new owner for many decades to come.

Delivery of these pieces to most UK mainland addresses will cost £135, and can be organised on behalf of the winning bidder upon request using one of our hand-picked panel of specialist, fully-insured independent furniture couriers.

Should i be able to help you further, feel free to call or message me.

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